Mission Statement

Enes Sheila Bridal Accessories is committed to creating an on-line shopping experience unique to the bridal/special occasion industry. We allow our customers to customize their purchases according to their taste and style at an affordable and fair price.


Enes Sheila Bridal Accessories are handmade with quality and care. Our pricing is based on the intricacy of design and the time that go into handcrafting each individual piece. We take great pride in our work and offer superior products.

We are able to reduce the cost by cutting out 3 tiers of the supply chain; the foreign manufacturer, the wholesaler, and the traditional retail outlet. And because the products are manufactured in Canada, our customers can choose products, styles, and colors based on their needs without extra fees and long lead times.

The Idea

The business was created while the owner worked at a local bridal salon that had a very limited selection of garters. She believes that every aspect of your wedding should be special, every detail, even your garter. With that idea in mind, she began to design and craft garters hoping that each piece would be cherished and passed down through the generations, from mother to daughter.

What’s in a Name

Enes Sheila Bridal Accessories was named after the owners’s beloved grandmother, Enes Sheila Steil, who was an avid crafter and gardener. It was her grandmother’s love of flowers that inspired many of the designs. The company is built on five core values she instilled; pride, craftsmanship, passion, creativity and honesty. “Enes Sheila” was chosen as namesake to honor her grandmother.


The Love Birds

Our logo is based on the documentary, Parrots Confidential. We were inspired by the Scarlet Macaw’s lifelong love affair. After finding their soulmate, the parrots become inseparable and remain as partners for life. Isn’t that the cutest…!

Who We Are

Jessica Hodgson

Owner & Designer

Jessica grew up in Edmonton, AB with a love for sparkle and color. From a young age Jessica was fascinated with fashion and bridal. Pursuing this interest she learned to sew and craft.

Jessica attended Blanche Macdonald in Vancouver, BC and completed a diploma in Fashion Merchandising. While in school she worked at a bridal salon.  Then after completing her diploma she worked as an area merchandiser. A few years later she enrolled in the Bachelor of Commerce Program at MacEwan University where she completed her degree in International Business. This is where she met the love of her life and business partner, Patrick. Jessica brings to the company her experience in design, market knowledge and international sourcing.

Favorite piece of clothing: A matching off white sweater and skirt set. It is so soft and comfortable and looks classy. I wish I had more in other colors.

Favorite downtime activity: I love to watch T.V. I reality T.V. obsessed. My favorite shows are anything to do with The Real Housewives.

Item you cannot live without: A pony tail. I wonder why I have long hair, it always ends up in a ponytail.

I wish I could: Fly

My biggest adventure: Travelling to China. It was great to experience the culture after learning about it in university.  And the food was fantastic!


Patrick Breuer

Owner & Operations

Patrick was born and raised in Vancouver BC. His parents distilled in him many traditional German values about quality, workmanship and pride. “If you love what you do, you never work a day in your life.”  This is the reason why Patrick aimed to be an entrepreneur.

Patrick completed a Bachelor of Commerce in Supply Chain Management at MacEwan University in Edmonton, Alberta. While in university he worked in logistics and distribution. It was during university that he met Jessica. Together the pair decided to use their education to build upon the Enes Sheila brand. Patrick brings to the company his experience in logistics, supply chain and finance.

Favorite piece of clothing: Germany soccer jersey. It represents my heritage and it’s something I take great pride in.

Favorite downtime activity: Beck’s draught beer on a pub patio with friends

Item you cannot live without: My princess Katana (my Suzuki GRX 600 motorcycle)

I wish I could: Sail the Caribbean on a catamaran while island hopping. Meet the locals and eat the great food.

My biggest adventure: Travelling Europe for 4 months as a high class drifter. My favorite place was Romania because the culture was not westernized and tourist dependent. The people were very kind and courteous and would take you in like you were family.